Deadly Secrets Book 1
We sat talking for a while when I looked around, and everyone was gone. Alone in the V.I.P room with him and I was kind of uncomfortable thinking about that convo with Shaynna. His voice, his face was different harder just emotionless. Terrifying was a fitting way to sum it up.
“Well this was fun let’s find Quinn and Toya,” I said softly. I didn’t want to see that face again hell it was not right.
 “I’m sorry I scared you huh?” He said closing his eyes as if he saw I was watching them.
“It’s cool I’m a big girl literally,” I laughed brightly, and he gave me that all teeth smile I think he rarely uses I started to notice.
 “Know I’m sorry I lost my temper she’s kind of an ex-one that never stops bothering you.” He said apologetically giving me a small smile.
“Oh, ex huh well I would have never guessed,” I laughed lightly shaking my head because I should have known.
“What makes you say that?” He asked wanting an answer.
“Well you look like the model type, and that’s what she is a perfect match.” He laughed looking at me shaking his head now.
“No, not a perfect match at all, she was more just something to do,” he said looking at me then my lips then a little lower.
“Is that so?” I said wanting those lips all over me. “So what I’m just something to do for a week or two?” I asked with an annoyed look caring a little too much wanting him to damn much. He stopped laughing abruptly and pulled me closer.
“No much more so I hope, so much more.”
Then he kissed me. I mean kissed me long, and deep. Got damn his lips were soft, smooth but then he parted my mouth with his tongue, and it was a wrap. His hands slid down as he pulled me closer till I was primarily on top of him. Pushing his tongue in and out licking my lips my neck back to my lips damn I thought. I swear I felt as if I could explode from pure ecstasy anytime. My body was hot inside and out my legs were burning with heat with every touch of his hands. I felt his hand going up and up my legs pulling on my thong, and then I heard something or someone.
“, and Ohwhom is the responsible one supposed to be?” I jumped and would have fallen off the couch to hit the table if he wasn’t holding me.
 “Oh damn Toya when did you come in?” I didn’t hear anything then again anyone could have come in. What was I doing?
“Hmmm maybe just in time before the real action started.” She smiled folding her arms across her chest. By the time, she came all the way into the room Michael, and I was sitting up side by side.
 “Mike come here for a sec I need to show you something,” Quinn asked.
Michael kissed me on the lips, and my cheeks got hot as hell.
“I won’t be long,” he whispered. As the door closed, I quickly took eyes off of me.
“So can he dance?” I questioned Toya, thinking of something else that could stall her questions.
“Oh no, I know you’re going to tell me what was up with that don’t get me wrong I feel you. He is extremely sexy.” She quipped with a raised eyebrow.
I started from the beginning to when they walked in on us.
“Well damn bitch you got further than me, so I think it’s our turn for the room,” she said throwing her legs onto the couch.
“What! Anyone could walk in idiot?”
“He didn’t tell you?”
“Tell me what,” I said biting my lip thinking we didn’t talk that much.
“They own the club,” she wiggled her eyebrows.
“What?” I said. “Wait do you mean own as in own but there in college I mean I’m sure they could own a business, but I mean damn,” I stopped and stirred at her ready for more information. Toya was ready to burst with info, and I was all ears.


 Paranormal Romance


Deadly Secrets Revealed Book 2


I felt the heat on my face, but I couldn't open my eyes. I heard someone calling my name, but I couldn't make out who it was. The heat irritated me, and I couldn't understand witched pissed me off even more. That damn Toya had the weather on again as if it was zero degrees outside. It grew hotter, and the voices got louder, but they sounded as if they were drowned out. Why the hell were they yelling anyway I'm trying to sleep maybe if I keep ignoring they will go away? I felt myself being lifted up to be carried somewhere, and I fought to open my eyes. I was so tired and weak, but I didn't know why. Damn, he must have taken way too much blood this time. I smiled to myself until everything that has happened over these past months came crashing back. I opened my eyes to see Michael carrying me, and I could hear Toya screaming to Quinn to run faster. I couldn't understand why it was hot. I opened my eyes wider and saw the fire raging behind us trying to engulf us along with the building. "Michael," was all I could get out before dizziness hit me like a ton of bricks.
"Taria, don't talk you need to get to a hospital just hold on," he gritted as he ran through a door leading to an alley. I tried to tell him how much I loved him, but I couldn't keep my eyes open much longer. I knew death was approaching, but as long as Damon was dead, it didn't matter. Death was closer as the growing darkness neared making my vision was fade faster. Damn this would have made the hell of a book I thought then it was black.
* * *
I felt her heart slow to a snail pace, and I immediately stopped to lay her down. We were far enough away from the buildings. It was late enough that it was deserted on the street. Even if it wasn't, I didn't care I already made my mind up. Like it or not I'm doing this because I refuse to live without her I refuse to let her go. I pulled my sleeves up then bit into my waist deep. "What the hell did you stop for?" Toya screamed as "We need to get her to a ....what the hell are you doing?" She demanded as I put my wrist to Taria’s mouth.her and Quinn came up behind me.
"What the hell does it looks like?" I snapped immediately regretting it. I knew Toya was panicked for Taria.
"Michael. I know you’re stressed but don't take your shit...”
"I know I'm sorry Toya, but this is the only way she won't make it to the hospital Damon drained her to the brink of death. “If...if I don't do this Toya." Quinn stepped up beside Toya taking her hand and pulling her away whispering. I didn't concentrate on what they said I narrowed my eyes on Taria working her throat for her making her drink. "Taria, please come on, come on," I said silently praying.




Deadly Secerts Consequences- Taria Book 3 Part 1

I never saw anything like what was charging after me. It was fast, faster than I anticipated. I moved to the right quickly dodging its blow. The hands, I guess that is what I would call the mutilated engorged fist, slammed into the wall. I noticed that I was calling it towards me because of the drastic change that was made. Yeah, fucking creepy and that thing was not touching me. All I could think of was Toya turning towards me and asking, “What the hell is that supposed to be?”  While not too subtle pushing me forward and herself closer to the door. Then again, she probably would have said fuck you Taria I’m not going in that damn basement after the last one we entered. I moved again before it grabbed me trying to get my head back into the game. I didn’t know if I could do this, I didn’t know if I was strong enough for this. I raised my Katana to defend myself, holding it like I was taught. I calmed myself down as it turned to face me. The chains were moving through his skin. I gripped tighter as I readied myself for the first fight for my life and the life of my family.




So it was true, she was alive, and those bitches are holding her somewhere. They had her for so damned long, and I didn’t even know. How could I not have known that? So many things have happened and will happen. I leaned against my car listening for Taria, but I heard nothing. I knew she could do this; she just needed to believe that herself. I taught her everything I could in the little time we had to prepare. I closed my eyes trying to see anything that we could use to find my mother. I couldn’t believe this entire time she was alive, but I should have known. I should have felt something from her or my father. What good are my visions once again if I can’t help or stop something from happening to the people most important to me. I waited to look through the night, the way Taria went to fight something she has never seen before. There was so much we needed to talk about, and so much more she’s not telling me. I know something is bothering her and it’s not anything that’s so transparent. I tensed standing up straight peering through the darkness waiting to see the face I needed to see to make sure she was okay. Anything else and fuck Donavon I will kill it instead. I should never have gone to him, but what choice did I have. He was there with me fighting side by side against… “Taria? Baby, what the hell happened?”















I damn near choked on my tongue when I heard this idiots voice. Of all the times Toya not to be around so I could point and say you were fucking with that dude. After my initial shock wore off, I realized that not only it was Steven, but he was a vampire. How and when did that shit happen? I mean how did he even get caught up in this shit. The more I listened in, the angrier I got. I had known his bitch ass for a while and not saying we were friends, but damn he had a grudge like that. The more and more he talked I could feel my fangs growing. As people walked by them gave me a wide birth probably not being able to handle the hatred coming off me in waves.
I held my head down so no one could see my eyes or my mouth. When he addressed, Cam is when I had enough. He had the information I could use, and I would get it out of him one way or another. I wasn’t as vulnerable as he thought I was, and I wasn’t just a newbie vampire either. I was a hunter also and the ones hesitating about getting involved with me may live because they had the right idea. Reaching into the inside of my jacket I grabbed the gun I had in the holster pulling it out and checking the clip.
“Oh, shit baby girl about to do some damage!” I looked across the street seeing a couple of dudes sitting on a stoop.
“Yeah, I think you all may want to be somewhere else,” I said not being able to keep my eyes from glowing.
“Aww hell naw! What the fuck?” I turned as I saw them roll out leaving without a second thought. Good, now I don’t have to worry about innocent people getting hurt or involved. I opened the door and went it. I heard the laughter and bull shit everyone, and their mama was talking. They didn’t even know me, but they wanted me dead. They feared the Van Allan family but not as much as they will fear mine when I was done. I knew when the supernatural creatures in the bar started to notice me. Things began to get quiet because they could believe who just walked into their hands. They all hesitated, and that is what would cost them their lives.



Marcus was no damn joke with those swords. My whole damn body hurt like hell and Toya’s crazy ass almost burned down the training building trying to get Cam.

“When I have these damn children I am kicking Camron’s ass.” Toya and I were sitting in the back of the SUV. I was trying to encourage her about the whole Rhonda situation because regardless of what her mother kept from her she was still pregnant and that convo was going to be off the damn hook. I would have to get the tea on that one from afar because she wasn’t cussing me out as well.

“Forget Cam, just think about how you are going to explain that you're having twins and she didn’t know.” That changed her thoughts quick fast and a hurry.

“You might be right.” She said turning to look out the window. “Wait! She is the one who had some explaining to do.” Toya snapped raising her eyebrow. I just looked at her until her face smoothed out. “Ok fine! She is going to lay me out, but it won't be so bad because her ass knows she was in the wrong. I will just have to put that nicely so she won't kill me.” Toya started biting her nail thinking about that conversation. I felt what she was going through because I knew my mother had so much more to tell me and I had questions myself.

I had to meet these Hunters today, and I still didn’t know enough about them, so I hoped something was written down somewhere. Hell, I wished my mother had some insight about them. We pulled into Toya’s mother’s driveway seeing the front door open and the light on inside.

“Well short stuff, time’s up. Just call me when you’re ready or just want me to come.”

“You sure I need to go with you?” Quinn said turning to look at Toya. Toya gave him a look and opened her door.

“Quinn get your ass out the truck. You put these babies in here so man up!” I burst out laughing as Michael tried not to smile.







As we stepped onto the elevator, I heard someone yell my name. I looked over at Toya, who heard it as well.

“Taria!” I turned back, looking at a woman that I would have never believed would have been at this club. I started to move when Ice held out a hand.

“Hold up.” His British accent caught me off guard, and I heard Toya mumbling.

“Sexy as shit with an accent.” She whispered as she looks at the shorter woman. “Isn’t that Leila?” She asked as I place a handout to move Ice out of the way.

“I think so, but…”

“We should get in inside the club, Mrs. Vaughn.” I looked up at the man like he was crazy as shit.

“Cross, but you can call me Taria,” I said, smiling. “We can go to the club, but I need to see if this is who I think it is and if so, she is coming with us,” I said it polite as possible, but the command in my voice was firm. His dark brown eyes flash a lime green before a slow sexy smile crossed his lips. He was tall but only by a few inches to me. His dark brown skin was smooth except the scar over his left eye. Ice also had on an all-black suit, but he wore a lime green tie with his. He also sported a low cut, which flowed into a goatee.

“You got that, Taria. I just want to get you inside so we can start moving this line along.” I nodded as I stepped back out of the elevator.

“Leila?” I said, walking closer. It looked like her, but I wasn’t sure because of the pointed ears, white hair, and golden markings on her face made her look slightly different. I couldn’t deny the voice and attitude.

“Yeah! Who else would it be? Shit, I can't believe it is you. Hell, I thought all this shit going on was fake news or something, but…”

“Wait.” I held up a hand, looking her over. She was always beautiful, in my opinion, with her golden-brown skin and delicate features, but now she looked as if she glowed. Her long moon-white hair was new, or was it her natural color? The markings on her face looked apart of her skin, but in all these years, I never saw her with pointed ears. I looked over at Tyson and nodded. He opened the rope, letting her through with some backlash until he snarled at the line.

“I am so happy to see you.” She smiled with sharp white teeth.

“I…I don’t even know what the fuck is going on,” I said, leaning down to hug her. She smelled of flowers and earth. “Listen, we need to get into the club, so let's go. You can explain what the fuck is up with this pixie shit you got going on.”

“Yeah, sure, no problem, but I am not one of those annoying as fuck pixies. I’m elven; there is a big difference.” Her soft voice said as she moved by me to hug Toya.

“Elves? Are you fucking kidding me?” I said, joining the three on the elevator. I looked at Ice as he hit the button, and the doors began to close. He just chuckled at my face.

“Oh, baby girl, wait until you get inside. It high time you get to know what else is out there.” I turned back to look at the doors as Toya and Leila chatted. More fucking secrets to this paranormal bull shit. I felt a slight twitch in my stomach, and I knew my nerves were getting to me. I breathed in a deep breath as the doors opened to slow pulsating music.

“Ladies, please enjoy Sinful Secrets. VIP is across the room, and your reserved box is eternally yours.” Ice said, holding out a hand.

“Now, this is what a club should look like!” Toya said, grabbing my hand and leading me right to the dance floor with Leila following behind.







Shannara (Na’na)


I looked over at Marcus, who has been quiet ever since we stepped foot onto this yacht. I had no idea where the hell we were going, but Marcus seems to have a clue since he was the Captain of the ship. I shook my head and moved to look at the expanse of water, wondering what the hell were we actually doing.

“Marcus, where the hell are we going? That fish didn’t even give a clue to where they lived or what was really happening,” I said, walking closer to him. I could feel his energy rolling off of him. I could feel his power caressing my skin, making me shiver slightly. I moved away because getting close means death for some.

“Well, Shannara, I am not completely ignorant when it comes to hunting down what I want,” he said as he turned his head toward me. His eyes roamed my body from head to toe, making my thighs tense with anticipation of what his eyes said he wanted to do. I closed my eyes, pushing those thoughts away, taking his words exactly as he meant them.

“You don’t have to be so damn smart about it. I need to know what's up, so I know what to expect,” I said, crossing my arms. It was hot as hell, and I want to get this mission done for my cousin and go back to my damn club.

“Before we left, Michael gave me some maps and books to go over. They were older than you or me and had some information on the last whereabouts of the Sirenian Aquatic creatures.”

“So, we are following a map that looks to be leading us into the middle of nowhere,” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t tell me the great Shannara Cane is afraid of something?” he said. Sometimes I want to punch the hell out of his cultured mouth but then lick it all better. The small smile playing on his lips told me I need to walk away.

“No, I am not afraid, I just like to know where I am going,” I said as the sky began to darken around us. “What the hell is going on?” I said, looking at the sky. Marcus said nothing as he checked over the computers and monitors. He began hitting buttons as the waves began to get ruff.

“There were no signs of storms for today. Can you feel it, Shannara? This isn’t natural!” He said, raising his voice at the end. I was looking around while holding onto the ship's railing with wide eyes. He was right. This storm wasn’t natural, and I didn’t think an island should just appear out of nowhere.

“Marcus, where the fuck did that just come from?” I said, pointing. I could feel my eyes glowing that laser blue as I held out a hand to the sea. I could feel the heat coming from the water, and that also made shit crazy as hell.

“I have no idea what the hell that could be,” Marcus said as he spun the wheel trying to keep control over the boat. He growled low in his chest and turned away, letting the wheel began to spin around in circles.

“What the hell are you doing?” I screamed as the yacht began to lose control. He jumped, landing at the bow, holding out his arms. The gray mist that shined from his hands began to get brighter as the sea began to calm. I could see that his arms were straining at the force of the wind and water. I didn’t want him falling or for the ship to get turned around, and we lose sight of that island. I moved over, catching the wheel and spinning it to keep control over the yacht. I watched Marcus standing with his feet braced apart with his long-muscled legs standing firm. His usually neat dreads were all over his head, falling down his back as the wind whipped over him.

“Marcus!” I screamed when a wave raised to push us from the island. I turned the wheel as Marcus began to scream, falling to a knee as the wave grew stronger.

“Don’t worry, Shannara!” he said as he pushed himself up. His dreads stopped moving as he pushed his hands apart, using the glowing gray light from his hands to calm the wave. He began to lower his arms as if he was controlling the wave to settle back down into the calm it once was before the island showed itself. The sun began to peek through the clouds as the wind went still, and peace returned to the sea. My mouth fell open as Marcus fell to the deck.







My eyes opened as the rocking of the yacht told me we didn’t die by that big ass wave. I blinked a few times before sitting up, still seeing what I did playing on repeat in my head. My locs laid heavy on my shoulders when I sat up. I shook my head and looked up, expecting to see the sky, but I saw Shannara staring down at me with relief. That quickly changed when she moved away to let me get up.

“What the hell were you thinking?” she yelled as I looked around. “I mean, how the hell did you pull that off and then fall to the deck like a damn stone?” She paced the bow, and I watched her long smooth sexy legs as she swayed by me. Licking my lips and tasting the sea, I got to my feet and pulled my locs back and tied them together.

“We are safe, so I don’t see the problem. You knew I wasn’t dead, so chill out,” I said and grimaced. I was starting to sound like Camron and Taria. They both were having an impact on me, and I didn’t know if I liked it. Shannara stopped and spun around to get in my face.

“You fucking took on the sea like you were old fucking friends. Whatever happened out there wasn’t natural, and where the hell did that come from?” she yelled. I couldn’t help but drop my eyes at her chest. The rise and fall of her breasts had me licking my lips again, and she was only wearing a wet white tee shirt and shorts.

“How about we find out what the hell happened and continue with our mission,” I said low as I leaned into her. She wasn’t short, but she wasn’t as tall as I was either. I leaned down in her ear, and I could feel her power crackle and her breathing increase. She was pure temptation, but I knew I was the one tempting her. I leaned away as she glared up at me.

“Keep your damn distance, Sloane. You couldn’t handle anything I got on your best damn day. Now let's check these maps and see where the hell you took us before I suck the soul from your damn body,” she said, turning to walk away. I wouldn’t mind if she tried because I would be the last soul she’d ever need. She just didn’t know it yet.


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